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core java online training

MSR Trainings: is a brand and providing quality Core Java online Training with experiance faculty with online support for students in world wide - Hyderabad, India, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Saudi Arabia,Pakistan, Singapore, Kuwait.

MSR Trainings Offering Core Java Real-time Online Training Classes For Weekend And Regular Batches For Individuals And Professionals. MSR Trainings Offering Free DEMO/ Seminar On Core Java Access Control By Real Time Expert. Once Experience Our Free Sessions And Decide Further. 

Highlights in our training service:

Every faculty has Real Time experiance .Trained Resources placed in countries like Australia, USA, UK, JAPAN, SWEDEN etc.Any critical issues faced by resource resolved using Teamviewer, webex.Supporting the resource with Top 100 Interview questions. Résumé built in best corporate standards according to the job description. We will market the resume for top technolgy countries.After each week a status exam is conducted. Offline online trainings are conducted everyday.Weekend trainings for job goers.flexible timings in accordance with the resource comfortability.If version related to any Tool is upgraded. We will send the upgraded information via email.we will develop the Aquintance with Production,development and testing environments.Real time scenarios covered accross Software Development Life Cycle.for every 10 hours One hour catered to resolve the doubts.Explaining bugs and critical issues and development activities 24*7 technical supports sevices.


Features of Java

·         Java and Internet

·         Programming Environment of Java

·         Java Virtual Machine

·         Fundamental Programming Structures in Java

·         A Simple Java Program

·         Compiling Java Programs

·         Bytes Codes

·         Classloaders

·         Where are classes stored

·         How are objects created

·         Memory Management in Java

·         Garbage Collection

·         Types of Garbage Collectors

·         Comments

·         Datatypes and Variables

·         Assignments and Initializations

·         Operators

·         Strings

·         Compile Time String Runtime Strings

·         Control Flow

·         Working with classes

·         Object Technology

·         The Object Model

·         Object

·         Object class methods

·         How to Override equals,hashcode and toString

·         Class

·         Characteristics of an Object

·         Architecture of an Object

·         Encapsulation

·         Abstraction

·         Instance Variables/methods

·         Static variables /methods

·         Pass by value/Pass by reference

·         Scopes of variables

·         Type casing of primitive types

·         Method overloading

·         Constructors

·         Guarenteed initialization

·         This() and this

·         Java Arrays

·         Command line arguments

·         Packages, Inheritance, Interfaces Exceptions

·         Purpose of packages, importing packages, etc

·         Inheritance

·         Constructor calling chain

·         Super

·         Casting

·         Overriding

·         Type casting

·         Polymorphism

·         Abstract Classes

·         Preventing Inheritance

·         Access modifiers

·         Object: the Supermost class

·         The Class Class (Run-Time Type Identification)

·         Reflection

·         Interface

·         Using an Abstract Superclass

·         Using an Interface

·         Properties of Interfaces

·         The Cloneable Interface

·         Interfaces and Callbacks

·         Inner Classes

·         Anonymous Inner Classes

·         Exploring some classes in java.lang package

·         Exception Handling

·         Need for exception handling

·         Throwable Super class

·         Errors in Java

·         Catching with try/catch/finally

·         Importance of throw,

·         Importance of throws

·         Runtime and non runtime Exceptions

·         Custom exception creation.

·         Introduction to multithreaded programming

·         What Are Threads

·         The Runnable Interface & The Thread class.

·         Running and Starting Threads.

·         Running Multiple Threads.

·         Thread Properties.

·         Thread States.

·         Moving Out of a Blocked State.

·         Dead Threads.

·         Interrupting Threads.

·         Thread Priorities.

·         Thread Groups.

·         Synchronization Techniques

·         Synchronization.

·         Thread Communication Without Synchronization.

·         Synchronizing Access to Shared Resources.

·         Object Locks.

·         The Wait and Notify Methods.

·         Deadlocks.

·         Why the Stop , Resume , Destroy and Suspend Methods Are Deprecated.

·         Timers & Daemon Threads.

·         Collections 

·         Collection Interfaces

·         When and how - List, Set and Maps

·         Concrete Collections

·         Linked Lists

·         Array Lists

·         Hash Sets

·         Tree Sets

·         Maps

·         Legacy Collections

·         The Hashtable Class

·         Enumerations

·         Property Sets

·         Introduction to IO

·         Types of streams

·         Stream class hierarchy

·         Control flow of I/O operation using streams

·         Byte Streams

·         Character streams

·         Buffered Streams

·         Standard I/O Streams

·         Object Streams

·         Serialization

·         Need for Serialization

·         Serializable Interface

·         Externalizable Interfaces

·         Mantainence with Exeternalization

·         Introduction to Networking and Internalization

·         Networking with URLS

·         Networking by using Sockets

·         Networking using DatagramSockets

·         Need for localization and how java supports it.

·         Java Database connectivity

·         Typical Uses of JDBC.

·         Different types of Drivers

·         Basic JDBC Programming Concepts.

·         Querying with JDBC to databases.

·         Advanced SQL Types. Javax.sql package

·         Metadata.

·         Statement

·         Prepared statements.

·         Callable statements.

·         Introduction to distributed architectures

·         Introduction to Remote Objects.

·         The Roles of Client and Server.

·         Remote Method Invocations.

·         New JDK Topics

·         Generics

·         Annotations

·         Enhanced For Loop

·         AutoBoxing/UnBoxing

·         TypeSafe Enums

·         Var Args

·         Static Imports

·         Scanner

·         New features in Collection framework

·         Conclusion